Makeup Tips for Everyday in the Rainy Season

Makeup Tips for Everyday in the Rainy Season

Tone, makeup depending on the size of the face. Again, you have to keep in mind the clothes.

When everyone is bothered by the scorching heat of summer, even the touch of light rain brings peace of mind. But this rainy weather causes a lot of problems for skin and hair. Therefore, extra caution is required in all cases. At this time, besides skin care, there are some things to keep in mind in case of makeup. Then you don’t have to worry about going to events or going out in the rainy season.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of rain makeup:

In the case of makeup in the rain, use foundation cream as little as possible. And the main attraction will be the decoration of the eyes and lips.

You can use gel liner, which will help to bring a different look to your skin.

Use waterproof mascara for eye makeup. This will help to make the eyes attractive.

Choose matte color lipstick as a lipstick. Then there will be no problem of applying lipstick again and again. Use a good brand of lipstick, which will protect and moisturize your lips for a long time.

You can blush your face with light color. However, take the combination with a little matte color. Be sure to use a matte color that blends well with the skin.

Since there is a possibility of getting wet repeatedly, try to keep a light and fresh look. And keep a light towel in the bag, so that you can easily wipe your hands, face and hair.